torsdag 30 september 2010

Oh Shit! - Outside Of Me (Owl Vision Remix)

It's finally time to release and set this remix free. This is one of my favorite remixes so far actually. Those of you who have seen me live have heard this track already but now you'll be able to get the high quality version :)

Since I'm so fucking nice to my fans I'll let you download the track as a 192 kbps mp3 on my soundcloud with a 100 download limit :) Better be quick people!

This remix was made for the LA band Oh Shit! and it's out right now on Beatport, released by the label Velcro City records. Here's a link for you to buy the high quality track:

Please enjoy "Oh Shit! - Outside Of Me (Owl Vision Remix)":

And listen to it live:

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