tisdag 3 augusti 2010

Mini tour update (3/3): Replacing Uffie at Emmaboda festival

This is an update on my mini tour of down south Sweden (part 3 of 3).

On july 31st I got a call from the Emmaboda festival saying that Uffie had cancelled her show because of a broken foot and that they wanted me to replace her. This was 6pm and the show was at midnight so we jumped in the car and drove for the woods of Småland.
We finally got there with 2 hours til showtime and celebrated backstage with bottles of champagne, cooled in an elefants foot (courtesy of Håkan and Richard). That's how Owl Vision roll.
Then it was time to bring horrific darkness to the "Skogen" stage and I had a fucking blast doing it!
Once again; humongous thanks to all the people at the Emmaboda festival! Both crowd and staff.
See you all asap!

Now check out and enjoy these video clips:

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